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Harald Bluetooth - kveik Barley Wine
Harald Bluetooth - kveik Barley Wine

Harald Bluetooth - kveik Barley Wine

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Brewed to celebrate the July 10, 1741 purchase of the island of Fanø from Christian VI, the King of Denmark. "1741" is a warm fermented Bière de Garde, brewed with lemongrass and rose hips. Fresh lemon and melon dominate the nose compliment a flavorful mix of cherry, citrus fruits, caramel and a touch of Belgian funk.


ALK. 10,5% VOL 16 IBU


Title: Harald Bluetooth
Style: Kveik Barley Wine
Tasting Notes/Label Text:  Fanø Bryghus’s “Danish Imperials Series” is an ever-expanding series of imperial strength beers, each honouring a different individual from Denmark’s long imperial history.
Brewed with Golden Promise and fermented with Norwegian Kveik yeast, “Harald Bluetooth” is a barley wine with rich toffee flavour and a bright, caramel colour. 
A small portion of this new release is now resting in Stauning Whisky barrels. Look for it sometime in 2024.
ABV: 10.5
Malts: Golden Promise, CaraClair
Hops: Wamea
Aroma: Peaches, toffee
Yeast: Kveik Voss
Pairs Well With: Roasted meats and mild cheeses