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Title: MMM-Peached

Style: Sour Song Ale, Aged on Wood & Peaches

Tasting Notes/Label Text: MMM-Peached is a sour strong ale, aged for 8 months on whiskey-soaked oak chips and fresh peaches. A soft, fruity aroma proceeds flavors of wood and peach skins dominate this tart, strong ale. 

ABV: 9,7%

IBU: 12

Malts: Pale Ale Malt, Wheat Malt, CaraRed, Acidulated Malt, Flaked Oats

Hops: Columbus

Adjuncts: Peaches

Aroma: Peaches

Yeast: WLP655

Pairs well with: Strong cheese, seafood with fresh lemon, cured pork or other salty meat dishes

Bottle Size: 50cl