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Title: Whisky & Rye 

Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Porter

Tasting Notes/Label Text: A spiced imperial porter aged for 6 months in a combination of Rye and Whiskey barrels from Stauning Whiskey.  Notes of vanilla, coffee and chocolate from our Imperial Porter are enhanced by oak, licorice and smoked aroma from months of barrel aging, with a strong yet surprisingly smooth finish.

ABV: 12% ABV

Malts: Pale Ale Malt, Pilsner Malt, CaraAroma, Dark Crystal, Carafa Special III, Chocolate Malt

Hops: Cluster

Adjuncts: Oats

Aroma: Whiskey, Licorice, Oak, Dark Chocolate 

Yeast: WLP001

Pairs Well With: Chocolate desserts and anything cooked over an open flame.

IBU: 40

Bottle size: 50CL.